Youtube Dark Mode On Android And iOS from Today!

Youtube Dark Mode On Android And iOS from Today!Youtube Dark Mode On Android And iOS Youtube is going to add dark mode theme to its mobile version apps, starting with iOS today!

Youtube had implemented this feature to the desktop version of their site with their update of the youtube layout.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Youtube App
To activate this new dark-theme mode,
Simply first tap on the account icon
Go to settings
Select dark theme
Enjoy the youtube dark mode on your youtube app of android or ios.

Youtube says that it is one of the most requested features their mobile users are requesting them.

Features Of Youtube Dark Theme
Like the name itself, it inverts the color of the entire youtube app in a go.
With this dark mode, it is very convenient for the watchers to watch videos in a cool cinematic way.
Youtube Is rolling out their dark mode feature to their iOS users today and the Android version for this is coming soon. 
That's It! It was the latest news on the youtube's update!
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WhatsApp Messages Can Now Be Deleted Even After An Hour (Update)

WhatsApp Messages Can Now Be Deleted Even After An Hour (Update)

From Today itself you can easily delete messages which is 1-hour old!
Whatsapp has made some changes in the working of the message deletion feature.
Firstly introduced message deletion system allowed you to delete messages which are up to seven minutes old after you had sent it.

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WABetaInfo has noticed that the latest version of Whatsapp is extending the message deletion time limit to about one hour.
Here is the tweet made by WABetaInfo on this:
A new WhatsApp for iOS update (2.18.31) is available on AppStore.
It is a bug fixes update, but it has the new “Delete for everyone” limit, that’s 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. — WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) March 8, 2018
With the arrival of the 1-hour time limit,you have much time to delete the message you had sent by mistake if you are using an ios device.So you don't want to be hurry to delete a message!

That's It! It was the latest update about WhatsApp.


Android P Mind-Blowing New Features 2018 (Never Had Before)

Android P Mind-Blowing Features (Never Had Before)
Soon You are going to know about the all new Android P version features that Android had never implemented before!
How will you respond if I say that you can edit your screenshots on your smartphone easily without any other third party apps? Really! Is that Possible?Yes! It's 100% Possible with the all-new Android P version's arrival onto the game!

The Android History!Before getting into the top features of Android P.Let's know a little bit history about Android.

Android P New Features!Here are the top 6 android P features which are very helpful and easy to use!

That's It! Those were the some of the mind-blowing features of the latest Android P version.

Which among these features you liked the most???

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Interesting iPhone Case With Game Console!?

Interesting iPhone Case With Game Console!?
Let's go back to the old century where we played bricks game with that beeping sounds.How nostalgic that was?
Can you play the game once more today?
The answer is: Yes You Can.Not only nostalgic gaming experience but a super protective iPhone case also!Nostalgic Gaming ExperienceHow about going to the past and seeing our old cute gaming console!
Game Console iPhone Case Let's know more about the fun experience with this cool all-new  Gaming iPhone case!

Want to buy this or know more about this?Wanle Gamers Console For iPhone

That's it! It was the Nostalgic Gaming Console Included iPhone Case!

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Guinness World Record Breaks Through This Rainbow That Lasted For Nine Hours (Taiwan)

Guinness World Record Breaks Through This Rainbow That Lasted For Nine Hours At Taiwan
How much time the last rainbow you saw lasted for?
The answer might be this: 15 minutes,30minutes or 1 hour.Right?But will you believe that a rainbow lasted for about 9 hours?(eight hours and 58 minutes to be exact)

An Ordinary RainbowLet's See what are the characteristics of an ordinary rainbowthat we all see and it's formation.

Record-Breaking Taiwan RainbowMost rainbows fade in an hour after it is seen.But the rainbow that was seen in Taiwan lasted for about 9 hours which is about nine times greater than an ordinary rainbow.

Let's See The Visuals Of the record-breaking rainbow:
Reason Behind The Formation Of This Rainbow Climate! It is the main reason for the formation of this special type of rainbow.The monsoon wind swirled moisture in the air, and the sunlight sparkled the moisture and formed the illusion.This type of long-lasting rainbows are usually seen at Taiwan in the winter season.

Facebook Invents An Entirely New Unit Of Time That You Didn't Know About!

Facebook Invents An Entirely New Unit Of Time That You Didn't Know About!
Soon You Are Going To Discover the latest time unit developed by the World's most popular social media Facebook.

We never utilize our time to think about in how many ways we can calculate time.Usually, we calculate time in years, months, days, hours, like that which are the easiest ones.

But we can calculate time in whatever way we want.But in Facebook's case, they needed a unit of time that was not invented yet.For that purpose, they invented that unit of time for the first time. FlicksThe all-new unit of time introduced by Facebook is known as Flicks, developed by a Facebook engineer.

We will not be calculating time used for our daily activities.Because it is not helpful to us.Right? But this new unit of time was very helpful to a group of people.

This invention was first created by Christopher Horvath in 2016 and finally launched by the Facebook open source in January 2018.

The new unit of time Flick Is E…